Failed Haiku

I wrote five concepts about writing haiku in my journal. I share one.


I desire to be a master haiku maker. Practice and reflection are my key activities. My audience is the proverbial studio dog, who is biased. My judgment may be suspect.  I must be diligent in artistic purpose, grasp the situation sufficiently to write, keep necessary  tools on hand, and possess a good work ethic.  

I write haiku in English and follow current modes of writing.

Failed haiku

Previously published poems are excoriated by many haiku publications.  Failed haiku are rejected poems.

I might consider a rejected haiku as rubbish. I do not.

If a haiku of mine is accepted I do not think it is a gem. It is not.

On the theme / prompt of “connections with others” this is my rejected ku:

unrequited itch —

quarantine   d

Failed haiku do not exist. This ku  above has no future. Editing wholesale is almost useless for me because I write to capture the moment, the image, the idea  before it’s gone.

Perhaps I can tweak the arrangement.

I plan to submit other haiku all around the poetry world.

A master is flexible.