Daily Game, Where is my Newspaper?

“Dear Subscriber, timely payment is always appreciated. Do not respond to this email.”


On rainy days I do not attempt to look for my newspaper on a small lawn unless I have on full inclement weather gear on including my Wellingtons. The search could take a while.


I have fetched ragged pages of the local gazette hanging limp from tree branches, trying to clog my neighbor’s gutter, or hidden beneath the arbor vitae.


My Terrier companion is not a soggy paper Retriever (I might like one if it were a breed of dog). She likes the top of the sofa for look-out and next to the pillows for nap-out. Rain is not for a pampered pooch.


“Hello Circulation Department.”


” Since I pay by direct bank draft you’ll extend my subscription?”


“That’s forward-looking of you. I buy a newspaper, or have already paid for a newspaper, so I might read it today. ”


“Nothing you can do?”


I drove into town. I recall stating it is a down-pour. There are no drive-thru’s for newspapers. All the newspapers are sold out from those little chained-down boxes.


The daily game of finding my newspaper has morphed into “find a newspaper anywhere”. This is too much angst for one day.


So, I drove-thru for coffee and a dozen donuts. Not the same as a newspaper but I couldn’t let my Terrier down now could I?

c. Lemuel

09 June 2018


Cry me a River, a Sketch


Cry me a River, a Sketch


“I knew I made a bad decision.”

Her mascara formed dark rivulets at flood stage racing down her sullen face, “Well, damn, just damn.”

My heart wanted to turn back but my brain said, “Step on it!”

“Stupid brain.”

“Wait, what?”

It’s a bum ticker but I like tossing it a curve every once in a while.

“Courage, mate. Simple courage ain’t that what we learned?”

© Lemuel

29 April, 2018

Daily Prompt: Rivulet

With apologies to Oz


Vague, is it a magazine…



“What are you reading?”

“A new-ish weekly magazine, at least I think it comes out weekly.”

“What’s it called?”

Vague is my guess. Doesn’t that look like Vague, it’s not Vogue,

the ink is a little dim.”

“What’s it got in it.”

“Stuff and things.”

“What kind of stuff and things?”

“I don’t quite know yet but I clearly have my suspicions.”

“Maybe they should call it Haze.”

“It rhymes. Glorious loads of adverts though.”

“Lemme, see.”


© Lemuel

23 April, 2018


Daily prompt, Vague


No Fooling Around, the Dentist



“Good morning Bob. Hey, was my dentist everything I promised?”

“Hello, John, and  a lot more. You know she used a chisel and a mallet for my molar extraction.”

“What did I tell you no fooling around. Boom! And that bothersome tooth ache is gone.”

“Her people scheduled me next Thursday. Going to put in forms and pour concrete.”

“You’ll be a new person, dentally speaking.”

“Funny you mentioned, ‘Boom!”. I heard an explosion in the next dental theater.”

“Probably bridge work.”

© Lemuel

21 April, 2018

Daily Prompt Mallet


Frigid, a Second-helping



“That’s fifteen points, Frigid, F-R-I-G-I-D; righty.” Louise was way too perky a winner.

The other players shivered with cold blank stares.

Strip Scrabble, whose idea was that?

Louise needed to lose her fuzzy hat and her Simpsons mittens.



11 April, 2018


Frigid, a Second-helping

Foreign, re-cast



“What are you coding?”

“A character trait.”

“What is it?”


“Never heard of it.”

“Yeah, it’s foreign now but it’ll catch on.”

“How’s it work?”

“It cuts down on SNAFU’s.”

“You’ll be rich!”




Foreign, melted down and recast






“Try to take a few steps. The fit seems right.”

Explore the simple neural mesh controls.”

“Heh, the mechanism is lighter than it looks, easy-peasy. Yeah, I like it.”

“The design team went all out. Durability was key.”

“I’ve never had eight legs before.”

“You’ll be fast too.”

“Really, how fast?”

“We lose more test subjects that way.”