X & O, “Shiny Things”

X & O

Shiny Things


In the kitchen.

X: This sink is not shiny.

O: Oh?

X: It’s stainless steel. It doesn’t shine. It isn’t shiny. Sort that out?

O: Some stainless steel isn’t shiny, per se.

X: Per what?

O: By definition, by itself, not …


X: I don’t care. Per se, what is that?

O: You did care enough to ask a question, din’t you. Asking questions demonstrates you cared.

X: Well I don’t, care. Per se.

O: Ah.

X: Stoppit.

O: I’ve stopped.

X: Get outta my head.

O: Vacated.

X: Just leave willya.

O: Au revior.

Bird sings.

X: Damn. I’m gonna have that on re-play all day.


c. Lemuel

31 October 2018

Largely Unseen, Short Fiction

That lady just told us to “git”.

I don’t know. Maybe.

So are you still chasing your imaginary butterfly?

She’s a pterodactyl and she ain’t imaginary. Her name is Pan.

That old goat thinks you got your head slammed in a screen door. Very sick inside you. I shouldn’t bother being friends with you.

No she don’t Matty.

Yeah, so why’d she run us off so?

Pan wanted to play with her dragon.

There ain’t no dragons.

Shush, they gots good ears, you know, and big egos.

Matty turned and peered back toward the lady. A cloud of fine yellow hued dust followed the lady toward the hills.

He followed Nyana into the great stone house called Juniper Hall.

You brought Pan in with you, right?

Yes always with me.

She liked Matty’s question and the candle light of the great room. Matty preferred the concealing darkness everywhere.


c. Lemuel

26 June 2018

Short Fiction

At the Sea Shore

“You told me you would help me forget, to get over the pain. Why are we at the sea shore? Why?”

This is the beach where forgotten insults go. Look there, the waves are bringing more.

“You think coming here will help me? How?”

If anyone casts insults at you do not pay heed to them. The insults wash up here. These dunes are new but tall, full of forgotten insults.

“I think I get it. We should leave. This place gives me the creeps.”

c. Lemuel

02 June 2018

Short Fiction

The Core Curriculum



The Core Curriculum


Oscar liked new things especially since his re-introduction to Earth was going so well, this time.

Star fruit, mango, and papaya were delightful. Sometimes he plunged in and devoured an entire section of melons.

Have you tried one of these? They’re called bananas on this planet.

“Yes, I had one. It’s all core though. Not a favorite of mine, still.”

So noted.

Oscar bench-pressed a crate of apples over his mouth, “Down the hatch.”

Be less conspicuous, Oscar. I don’t want to give you a failing mark. Never forget where you come from.”

“But we don’t end our sentences with prepositions.”

Rule one: do not tick-off the testy test-bot, even once.

Oscar’s home planet is cold, rock-covered, and the vacuum pools are deadly.


© Lemuel

13 May 2018

Fictitiious Fiction

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