Athene, a Supplication


Athene, a Supplication


O Muse and Mentor gray-eyed Athene, rest close, aid me

Spin words, weave poesy, clothe naked pages Lithe Spirit.

Wise Counsel mark the course, guide my soul;

Passion and reason singing meter and rhyme,

Bless, give ear to my request a homely verse

Draped in clever wit, even a humble poem writ.

O, men may praise, all deduce and guess

The hand of favored Zeus cum Advisor lent

Grace and power to this poor mortal’s graffiti.

Aeolian wind descant over-scored pilgrim’s chant

As on sacred path one trods heart enlightened;

Suffrage even words these be brevity’s intent.

Fill devoted breviary hymns sole claimant Yours

Faithful my lais adore and at your feet fair Wisdom

Wreaths, olive garlands lay, cunning circlet shaped.

Verily, give ear to this base entreaty mine

Merrily, lend such gentle scent, your grace divine.


© Lemuel

05 May 2018

Daily Prompt


Ode to Tree Music



Every breeze bends the tree

taunt, releases metric masses.

I listen; I sway harmonic, melody,

the song holds me rapt.


Tree music deep resonate

bass and tenor riffs up the trunk

through tributary branches.

Sway in the wind like a magnificent

string, strong sinew voices.


Sylvan chorus sung in this forest

my ear to its heart in

some deepness rings grow

recording notes for midnight lullaby.


© Lemuel

21 April, 2018

NaPoWriMo 2018


  • Irregular ode focuses mainly on the praise aspect of the poetic form.
  • Has a few of the poetic formalities of the various forms of formal odes.

Daily Prompt

Song, Second-helping