WHAT SPARKS! Best to You

I love the Sprinkles and Sparklers I find in my corner of the world.  These are the folks  who get on with life and share their glamour often from the mundane or hum-drum every-day-ness of “whatever” comes / their /way—maybe the Mail Delivery.

Now for a little bit larger Example:how about half-your-face-size Sugar Cookies and Lemonades taken on the Verandah whilst the Peace Roses blossom and showy Peonies serve their Sherbet-y colors with the Hostas.

With nary a word I can share the Sports Section of a Newspaper (remember those?) or do a one-on-one  Competitive Reading of Short Stories from O. Henry or Neil Gaiman vs the Poems of a New Yorker magazine from May 1999, 2001, 2010.

I read an opening sentence on a blog post today, “When you grow older you find that there are few things that really excite you any longer.”  

Pshaw! Said the Sparkler. 

Nonsense, exclaimed the Sprinkler.

I tell you, finding a ‘lost’ tube of Hooker’s Green thrilled my socks off and I’m exuberant to get to get older.

Best to You, and your Sprinkles and Sparklers

30 May, 2021