you were once the boy with jet black hair, a Landay



You were once the boy with jet black hair–

my father drove me to school, you waited by the gate.


Patient hope for another not me,

you did not see me, your brown eyes long for one only.


I saw you every day for a week;

that same stance, those eyes, so focused anticipating.


Today I hold your hands as I have for fifty years,

kiss you, fierce sweet love, our last farewell.


I know you will be waiting for me,

you will see me, Love, your brown eyes long for me only.


© Lemuel

23 April, 2018

NaPoWriMo 2018





  • An ancient Pashto poetic form from Afghanistan created mainly by women but anonymously.
  • Composed of self-contained couplets.
  • Couplets contain twenty-two syllables; 9 in the first line, 13 in the second line. I switched one couple around, okay.
  • Themes are love, war, separation, despair or grief, and homeland.
  • No rhyme pattern in English.
  • Often sung in the original language.