ink dark, a haiku

chipped paint old row boat

skim over clouds egret flight

water calm ink dark

(c) Lemuel

27 April 2018Haiku

Studio Cthulhu, a Limerick

mallet and chisels

The sculptor picked up a big mallet,

Chiseled out four gargoyles how Gothic.

Marble, pine, and limestone;

One extruded blue foam–

All four eerily Miskathonic.

(c) Lemuel

27 April, 2018

Daily prompt: Mallet, Second-helping


<a href=””Mallet</a&gt;

Flowers Warning




cryptic, sans note

restrained Ikebana

silent warning perched in plain sight





This is my attempt at writing in the cinquain poetic form which is reputed to be borrowed from Tanka.

  • 5 lines long
  • 2 syllables, 4 syllables, 6 syllables, 8 syllables, 2 syllables
  • flexible to +/- 1 syllable from each line

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