moving day, Dodoitsu

moving day all assemble

take assignments with great joy

diligent work shared complete

bye, mean co-worker

c. Lemuel

06 June 2018


Dodoitsu Poetic Form

  • 4 lines
  • L1 through L3, 7-syllables
  • L4 has 5-syllables
  • Subjects are love or work
  • Can present a comical twist
  • Syllable count is important feature not so much rhyme

The Smith, a Dodoitsu



red hot iron   shimmering forge

heavy hammer   shapes hard steel

tempered edge   master crafted

forged gold coins   spare sword



1 April, 2018



The Form:

4 lines, 7 syllables in lines 1 through 3, 5 syllables in line 4

related to work or love with a comic twist

usually no title