A Note 27-10-20

27-10-20 Tuesday


I write daily notes on blank pages that will eventually fill the spiral book. Then, I’ll get another book and write or sketch several pens dry.

Being notes these are in sentence and paragraph format that make complete thoughts on paper. This is my usual habit. 

Sometimes I add a parenthetic or bracket statement so my today’s obvious point or allusion will make sense to me if one day I would be required to explain or interpret just exactly some random sentence ‘means’, precisely.

I could,”Hmm,” “Ahh,” or squinch up my nose and reposition my glasses, but the meaning is in the words on the page (or in parentheses) or the meaning is not there in the words, but I haven’t run into writing pages void of meaning or not-sensible, quite yet anyway. Non-sense in the good sense I will do—sometimes extemporaneously.

What I do find is more than a few people do not know words. The walk to their dictionary must be fearsome far away. I have read junk writing though–but I keep refining every effort I get to re-write better.

Good day!