Art Me, Motivation

Art Me,Motivation

I was used to work before I got a job. I have zero complaints.

There was a lot missing for me in working for a pay-day.

Best part of work-life were my workmates and going home tired but a good sort of tired.

Those days still inform my work habits.

No matter how much I do I think I should have accomplished more, could have moved quicker, been more able to anticipate problems.

Nope. Those ideas hamper my work more than help.

Tough internal editors are traitors. Yep, I do my best always.

Perfection isn’t possible. Even factories have quality control staff and product “hospitals”.

I don’t use that internal language any longer.

I stop work when that good tired feeling hits me.

I cannot wait to be back at it next session.

It’s really “what I do”, enjoyably.

Art on,

c. Lemuel

25 February 2019




During a recent Art discussion roundtable my colleagues unloaded their packs before we started the panel.

Their cell phones hit the table along with laptops and lattes.

I had espresso. A legal pad, mechanical pencil, and a book.

I left my slide rule and sundial at the office.

Four-ball in the side pocket,

c. Lemuel

22 February 2018

Artly, Mistakes

Artly, Mistakes

On a cold day I had no fear of failure. No mistakes haunted me.

I am free of that nagging feeling I should have done the project differently.

The feeling of artistic in-adequacy, I should have done a better job, evaporated.

I was Perfect.

I did’nt pick up a brush or prep the work bench.

I did nothing. And I did not fail once.

Do the Art,

c. Lemuel

18 February 2019

Artly, Try and Again

Artly, Try and Again

Over a long time I realised the notion of “trial and error” is not a good way of referencing designs or builds, making objects.

A replacement description is “try and try again”. It’s sneaky how damaging, negative self-language can blunt a build, project.

Simply try again. Don’t cease, the results may be way different from where I began. It’s fine that way.

Make some more.

Make more Art,

c. Lemuel

15 February 2019

Artly, Calipers

Artly, Calipers

Making assemblage Art often involves taking apart everyday things, a dis-assembly.

To me, assemblage is sculpture. And the tools may come from anywhere, like Vernier calipers.

The work on the bench needed a slightly complex shape to more finish the design.

I measured the weld-ment, the incomplete sculpture, with the calipers.

Next, I marked the “stock”, or source material.

Then, I made the cuts and trimmed a bit, enough to confirm my imperfections.

I thought how fortunate I had been since the newly created piece was so close to the desired shape.

The use of production tools is the largest positive factor in my Art.

Art on,

c. Lemuel

13 February 2019

*Pierre Vernier