Seeing the Potential

Not to drop names, I love the dense writing and intense pictures I find in National Geographic, Smithsonian, and Audubon.  I read, stack, and re-read issues for months.

When the stack grows I donate the magazines to libraries and education programs in order to get them into the hands of another person. Then so do a lot of people, to that extent there is a glut and I am sent packing my “donations” back home.

Medieval graphics, bas relief, and acrylic paint

Not deterred I plug into some sweet Jazz for the next act: selecting graphics, then cutting, tearing, most gently excising the pictures from the publications– a grapho-ectomy operation.

It’s a great-circle of graphics re-born from magazines to shoe-boxes to collage to someone’s home, back in the hands of another person.

Potential takes work and going all the way with an idea. Seeing the potential is to transform the ephemeral into ephemera.


Imagine Winning

When I think about winning I imagine I’m rocking a child to sleep.

I like winning but it’s more than, “I win, you lose.”

At the winner’s circle there’s a lot of hoopla. If the big fuss is the return for my investment I feel empty.

The best part of winning is gratitude. I’m thankful for people, of what I did right or had to do over, and knowing how far I have come.

My rocking chair is always ready.

Winning rocks.


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Myth: Only Winners Reap the Rewards

Someone is going to walk away with the ribbon, the medal, or the trophy. Typically we acknowledge them as “winners”.

We have this experience with “winners” in life. It began early. This part is a myth, an idealism.

The opposite of “winner” is not loser, or also-ran, or good-sport.

Here is the switch to certainty.

Winners test their art against what they have made in the past. Then they challenge themselves to do well—as a habit, to strive for excellence—at every opportunity, and to set a mark for their future achievement.

Winners are those who put their character on the line.

Winners keep hope alive inside of them.

Winners are makers.

Winners reap the rewards.