Weedy Haiku

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amethyst faces

temporary grandeur

green offertory


Inspiring Weeds


First, it has rained without stop for nearly a week. Spring rain has blessed the turf and the weeds.

Mowing has not been an option except on a one-day respite. Right on time the sun shined. I mowed.

I almost mowed my current inspiration –the flowers and the volatile green growth of weeds.

I was spellbound by the multitude of shining shades and the subtle water-fed colors of weeds. They are quite beautiful.

No, I must be about the mowing. The rains return tomorrow according to the Weather Channel™.

Weed paint sketch in greens

Underpainting of “Weeds” on wood panel.

By definition a weed is “a plant not valued for its use or beauty”. So if I love them for their colorful foliage, tender shades, and gentle contrasts do they cease to be ‘weeds’?

When the form of weeds and the tableaus of tiny blossoms as in a wild garden capture my imagination am I no longer the care-taker of the property to which I exert my rights?

I like the way the veins in their leaves and the rose hues remind me of chard.  How the tiny trefoil leaves suggest clover but sprout miniature yellow daisy-like blossoms. I like that sort of surprise.

I snapped one, two, and then a half-dozen pictures, just for color sketches I remind myself. I prepared four panels for painting.

The rain falls on the just and the unjust.

And the merely inspired.