………..Davy’s Wake……….


Party people hangers-on

pressed flowers from his wake;

tables ringed with

sloppy drinking stains.

Prim ladies in aprons

picked through scattered kit–

memorials to times gone.

He was un-young and known to friends

and neighborhood as one

to keep a family afloat

in hard times, and forgot

their rents so often,

milk and bread for the children.

Wearing melancholy like a favorite shirt

tatterdemalion stock analyst

“Never cheated no one young nor old,” he

hopped the fence with Death

at first, “Hello,” hollow smirk.

Laid out on the big table in the front room

for his mother’s sake a black and white ribbon

God rest her belovéd Dave.

Latent Spring crawls toward radiant May

candles scant glow sallow sun in gloom.

Men smoked pipes kept the haints at bay

tobacco scent lingered in the drapes.

“This place needs a good airing out.”

“Not yet and leave the mirrors turned.”

stifled hands the clocks were still nothing to say.

Their sayings and poems done

finished the keening cries

four by four in circuit onward to the church

hefting his coffin home.

Clay and sod a man’s almost last gifts

perhaps a name-sake in June, Davy,

that would be nice.

Some good memories, at Easter-tide

and when time is due for rents.