8 Photos, B & W What I Found


I made a tour  to find interesting forms.

I share with you some of what I found.

The challenge was to make black and white pictures without pets or people for a week.



A wasp pot never boils BW 11-29-17

A Wasp Pot Never Boils



Nest bird BW 12-03-17 2

The homely nest awaits




Iron Coy BW 11-29-17 2

Coy garden koi



Chair waste BW 11-29-17 2

Becoming renewal



Garden evergreens and stones after a frost BW 11-29-17

Bearing the ice and cold



Barn and Water b&w

More than a castle



Skull deer BW 12-01-17 2

Forest guardian



Smith Corona Silent 1951 typing sample 2.2

Now is the time

It was a good week practicing seeing with the inner eye.








Vintage Manual Typewriters, Captivating


    Typewriter Olympia SM9 frontal pic1

For writing I chose a portable manual typewriter.  The venerable writing machines are captivating old technology that still convey messages and data to others. Typewriters of this ilk are productive with only human power. The use of these machines has given me new insights into my writing process.

I do not reject the “instant”, the digital, nor the have-it-your-way-now world. I watch as words develop instantly on the monitor. I enjoy digital spell checker. I add new words to the computer’s dictionary my way. I still produce documents with typos.

That is my feint in making comparisons. From my view there are no comparisons I find compelling, digital versus manual. In short, I am a different writer when I use a typewriter.

There it is, the human aspect of humane letters or writing the latest RSVP. I could text my response to an invitation. “Write and sent. Done and done,” next task please, “and done”, very efficient, slightly cold and clammy.

I chose to type or hand write a reply since the sender used an envelope and a stamp to get my attention. I responded in kind. Also, I am engaged in a different way.

I might ride a motorcycle or I might ride a horse. I love them both. I go from point A to point “” however I can. I am a different rider on a large sentient animal than one astride a large engine connected by two wheels.

The differences make me different, that is captivating.