A Smile is a Wrinkle


A smile is a wrinkle that we use to communicate our pleasure, our humor, or even a clue of our willingness to accept others.

A smile is a wrinkle that banishes blandness from a face.  A smile electrifies the eyes and creases the nose, and even from a distance we can distinguish a smile from a snarl by the geometry of the face. Our lips wind upward and a wrinkle passes the grin-zone etched on our mugs to curl all the up to the exalted heights of the smile-zone and to radiate there.

A smile is an inviting wrinkle, amazing how a human face contorts and transforms a frown or a blank stare into an upturned expression of warmth, and no part of the face can remain on the bench in a full-on smile.

I like a simple, good-ole, unpretentious smile; the good-natured signal that can be the first gesture of friendship, or the last glimpse exchanged in a bon voyage, then again, the most reassuring thing we see when we return home.

When I think of people their smiles are usually tops on my list of good times remembered. Smiles can be tossed out and caught and relayed in a crowd like an out-of-control volleyball game. Babies freely beam their smiles.

So do I.