Puffin, Color Pencil Sketch


~13 x 20 cm, ~5 x 8 in

Color pencil on cream card stock

She will get her legs and paddle feet. Then a matte board frame and off for FREE ART FRIDAY (FAF).

FAF is a weekly event with a bunch of Artists drop-off Art for the public to find.

It’s a fabulous way to get Art into peoples’ hands directly.


Notable, a Logical Encounter


Notable, a Logical Encounter

A tourist walked into a nice restaurant and was escorted immediately back to the door.

“We’re full up.”

“Can I get something to go?”

“What? See, we’re a restaurant. No fast food joint. Didn’t you see the sign?”


“The sign in the window.  The maître d’ almost smiled, “You must be new on the street.”

“There’s a sign?”

“Yeah, right, now it’s for sure, you’re a noob.”

They go out to the sidewalk and there in the window is a well made, hand-lettered sign, Notable.

“There’s no space.”


“You need to insert a space.”

“You kidding me? Then we’d have to buy more tables.”


© Lemuel

27 April, 2018

Daily prompt