X & O, “Shiny Things”

X & O

Shiny Things


In the kitchen.

X: This sink is not shiny.

O: Oh?

X: It’s stainless steel. It doesn’t shine. It isn’t shiny. Sort that out?

O: Some stainless steel isn’t shiny, per se.

X: Per what?

O: By definition, by itself, not …


X: I don’t care. Per se, what is that?

O: You did care enough to ask a question, din’t you. Asking questions demonstrates you cared.

X: Well I don’t, care. Per se.

O: Ah.

X: Stoppit.

O: I’ve stopped.

X: Get outta my head.

O: Vacated.

X: Just leave willya.

O: Au revior.

Bird sings.

X: Damn. I’m gonna have that on re-play all day.


c. Lemuel

31 October 2018

The Core Curriculum



The Core Curriculum


Oscar liked new things especially since his re-introduction to Earth was going so well, this time.

Star fruit, mango, and papaya were delightful. Sometimes he plunged in and devoured an entire section of melons.

Have you tried one of these? They’re called bananas on this planet.

“Yes, I had one. It’s all core though. Not a favorite of mine, still.”

So noted.

Oscar bench-pressed a crate of apples over his mouth, “Down the hatch.”

Be less conspicuous, Oscar. I don’t want to give you a failing mark. Never forget where you come from.”

“But we don’t end our sentences with prepositions.”

Rule one: do not tick-off the testy test-bot, even once.

Oscar’s home planet is cold, rock-covered, and the vacuum pools are deadly.


© Lemuel

13 May 2018

Fictitiious Fiction

Daily Prompt


Cry me a River, a Sketch


Cry me a River, a Sketch


“I knew I made a bad decision.”

Her mascara formed dark rivulets at flood stage racing down her sullen face, “Well, damn, just damn.”

My heart wanted to turn back but my brain said, “Step on it!”

“Stupid brain.”

“Wait, what?”

It’s a bum ticker but I like tossing it a curve every once in a while.

“Courage, mate. Simple courage ain’t that what we learned?”

© Lemuel

29 April, 2018

Daily Prompt: Rivulet

With apologies to Oz


Notable, a Logical Encounter


Notable, a Logical Encounter

A tourist walked into a nice restaurant and was escorted immediately back to the door.

“We’re full up.”

“Can I get something to go?”

“What? See, we’re a restaurant. No fast food joint. Didn’t you see the sign?”


“The sign in the window.  The maître d’ almost smiled, “You must be new on the street.”

“There’s a sign?”

“Yeah, right, now it’s for sure, you’re a noob.”

They go out to the sidewalk and there in the window is a well made, hand-lettered sign, Notable.

“There’s no space.”


“You need to insert a space.”

“You kidding me? Then we’d have to buy more tables.”


© Lemuel

27 April, 2018

Daily prompt




Elaborate the Elaborate, a Conversation


“Right, let me elaborate. I need your 3-D design in my hands by 7:45 AM local time.”

“I see. I think my team and I can make your new cordial deadline.”

“You think? I need certainty.”

“You and the whole world sister.”

“You will forfeit your bonus if I do not receive your design on time.”

“It is an elaborate project full of complexity but production is our forte.”

“I require delivery by 7:45 AM local time. Excuses do not receive payment.”

“You get someone to your location and you can have our design by 7:15 AM local time.”

“You are bluffing.”

“Nope. Let me elaborate. We are dedicated and can do the ordinary or the elaborate, without belaboring it.”

“See your work at 7:15. Cheers!”

“You’re bluffing.”

“Nope. I always get what I want.”

© Lemuel

Daily prompt: Elaborate


Bestow, Last Will and Testament of a Time Lord

female time lord

“And we come to the last item on Susan’s will.”

“I, Susan Joy McCall, being of good cheer, and aged condition, bestow my last smile to all my Beloved gathered here.

They all wore her smile.

“Now get out there and give every last one of them away. Now, I’m a Time Lord.”

© Lemuel

24 April, 2018

Daily Prompt: Bestow


Bestow: Mirror, Mirror, a Story


“Mirror, Mirror…why do people smile?”

“Ah, a smile is a facial contortion mortals are endowed with that looks good in the Mirror but is über potent magic when they bestow it to others.”

“Then it is truly powerful?”

“It’s a super power.”

She smiled. Satisfaction complete.

© Lemuel

24 April, 2018

Daily prompt: Bestow


Genie Gets Her Lamp Back


A Genie walked into a pawn shop in Omaha, Nebraska (1) with a box under her arm containing Peter Pan’s shadow.

The shop owner examined the merchandise.

“So clean, no stains, weightless. Peter Pan’s actual shadow, you want to pawn or sell?”

“The Lamp.”

“Oh, even swap.” The Genie saw the greed in the shop owner’s eyes.

“The Lamp and six ounces of silver.”

“Lamp and two ounces of silver.”

“The Lamp and four ounces of silver.”

“Lamp and meet me in the middle, three ounces of silver.”


“Shop owners are the best hagglers.”

“Genies are the best hagglers.”  This was her victory the beloved Lamp was again in her possession and silver coins sang her song.

© Lemuel

24 April, 2018

Daily prompt, Genie, Second helping

1 A city and a state in the Midwest or Great Plains of the United States

Vague, is it a magazine…



“What are you reading?”

“A new-ish weekly magazine, at least I think it comes out weekly.”

“What’s it called?”

Vague is my guess. Doesn’t that look like Vague, it’s not Vogue,

the ink is a little dim.”

“What’s it got in it.”

“Stuff and things.”

“What kind of stuff and things?”

“I don’t quite know yet but I clearly have my suspicions.”

“Maybe they should call it Haze.”

“It rhymes. Glorious loads of adverts though.”

“Lemme, see.”


© Lemuel

23 April, 2018


Daily prompt, Vague