Luminescent and Fast

rock alien colors 2

“There it is again, just there, in the shadow of those boulders.” Brent was acting Corporal of Guides.

Marv was groggy, hardly awake, “What you sayin’?”

“It’s a light or a reflection, but with all this grey-ness it’s so vivid, luminescent even.”

“Luminescent, huh, this is the new you Corp? You’ve been too deep in them Pulpy stories, it’s probably ice reflecting light, light tricks is all.”

“It’s green and radiant.”

“Ain’t ice usually clear-ish? Here ya go, lemme get a scope on it.”

The light blinked once.

No one heard their screams.



4 April 2018


Art is My Super-Power


I Artist


I have fears. I think this is common among us humans. Perhaps that is why we crave the created beings with “super-powers” so universally. The sources I cite are our myths and legends as much as a nod to modern creators around the world.

These Super-Beings have flaws, just as I do. I so-identify with their weaker bits. One observation I made early in my reading, even at their weakest they do not quit. They command their fear and they overcome.

Art has a major villain is Fear. It is crippling.

  • What if I fail?
  • Beginnings I fear the most….
  • What if no one likes what I make?
  • “This is rubbish, therefore, I am rubbish.”
  • That is that “mess” supposed to be?

Fear makes Artists “settle”, take fewer risks, make a cocoon and wrap up in it knowing, “I knew I couldn’t make it as an Artist.” So the tools and materials are put up in a cupboard where dust can collect and a comfortable forgetfulness settles.

I propose to laugh in my fears. Laughing at fear is a great way to begin an Art session.

Round One, the Sound of Laughing

  • Stand up
  • Breathe deeply
  • Smile
  • Spread out your arms so you look like a “T”
  • Rotate your arms in a close circle
  • And, Laugh for 45 seconds.

Round Two, the Sound of Laughing some more

  • Sit down
  • Breathe deeply
  • Smile
  • Stamp your feet
  • And, Laugh for 45 seconds

Now after a minute and a half I am on my way to being my Art.

Being my Art? Right, I used to consider my Art as separate from me, Art is something I do. Art is me, my spirit, my mind and its eye, my joy, and my hope. I guard so my Art is not my fear.

Laugh at fear. My Art is my Super-Power.


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Achievement and Improvement


Achievement starts with being pretty good, even producing pretty good Art. In that manner of thinking a person is already a success, a known quantity, being pretty good. But what sort of success?

As I remember learning to ride a bicycle, success lies fundamentally in making allowance for the person in their chosen activity shins and elbows notwithstanding.

From being pretty good the daily practice, hours of effort, the inevitable stops all make new beginnings  more readily undertaken. We must really, really want to ride a bicycle to achieve it.

Before long you’re sailing along, “ready,steady, go”.  The bumps and bruises are what make an interesting person of you.

What a boring endeavor Art would be without stops and new beginnings.

Art, My Imperative

I say,

My drive is to make Art by enticing form, line, shadow, color, and light to do my bidding.


I often go places I had not intended to go. But I go from curiosity.

I say,

My work schedule is both functional and purposeful.


I go to my work space and look at the materials.

I look at the tools.

And with them I do scary things.

I say,

One almost always repeats an activity that gives the best rewards.


When I do scary things

I find the mellowest sort of joy.


I seek my art and I do scary things and in this I find mellow joy.

Ocean in May 2016 left flipped

Acrylic on Birch Panel