Rat-Rod Skeletal Metal, a Haibun

rat rod 2

Skeletal Metal, a Haibun


Drive-in Hootenanny skeletal metal, stripped down and rebuilt twisted rides; revving tacs, how noble and debased they blaze in the late afternoon sun.

Smooth trannies heave heavy vintage automobiles, some bits shiny. Out of sight, their rusty ramshackle aged-good looks hot-rodded to the max, new renditions of sickest machines re-imagined.

The crowd blasted full blown by throaty engines’ bass notes groove; growling perfect timing like ripping canvas to the beat. Clean glass, gonzo custom, rockin’ designed so sweet, big wheels, big feels, not-all-there, but complete; glorious carnivores of salvage.


amended beauty

glory faded roars again

grace welded reborn


© Lemuel

01 May, 2018


Haibun Poetic Form

  • The haibun is melding of two poems: a prose poem and haiku.
  • The form was used in 17th century Japan and made fashionable by poet Matsuo Basho.
  • Prose poem is an objective view of the subject, rarely is “I” used.


  1. Tacs – tachometers
  2. Rides—vehicles used for everyday driving, special transportation, or showy display
  3. Hootenanny—a musical gathering of celebration
  4. Trannies– automotive transmissions