A Drop Abrupt


A Drop Abrupt


How the drop

makes the ripple abrupt

so concentric —

parallel waves.


Dance the light

each copy swells erupt

geometric —

Sin, Cosine lays.


Then the splash

simple motion construct

flow symmetric —

outward it plays.


© Lemuel

02 May 2018

Daily Prompt


Party Time in Senoia, Georgia, a Rhuput poem



They sat at the bar    they couldn’t go far    the keys were in my pocket.
It was dark in the car    the town was bizarre    the door clicked as they locked it.
While outside was chaos    for which they’re famous     the folks kicked up quite a din.
Some hooted and growled    they shambled and prowled    Dead trying to get back in.
Then the night got “too quiet”    silence after a riot    what gives, is this all you got?
Scores of Walkers poured in     some thick and others way thin   a back door they forgot it.
It all ended….well    the party was swell      same time next year in Senoia
For Walking Dead fun    that makes your heart run      and laugh at your paranoia.


© Lemuel
30 April, 2018
Rhuput Poem
NaPoWriMo 2018
Notes Rhuput Poetic Form
  • Written in lines or stanzas
  • A form of Welsh origin
  • Each line or stanza contains 3 to 5 sections
  • Each section has 4-syllables. Okay, mine had a few more than 4.
  • The final section of each line or stanza rhymes with the final section of the other lines or stanzas. I only rhymed  each line’s three sections and that’s a lot of rhyme.

Tantrum, a Seguidilla Poem


Tantrum, a Seguidilla Poem

Peace never left, just waited—

deflated, tantrum,

abated, sweeping spilled words,

pandemonium –

linguistic panic.

Fixed, super glue and duct tape,

“Adios,” malice.

© Lemuel

29 April, 2018

Daily prompt: Tantrum


Seguidilla Poetic Form

  • Seguidilla means “sequence” as in a dance form.
  • Started as a folk dance became a poetic form.
  • Seven lines
  • Per line syllable pattern is 7-, 5-, 7-, 5-, 5-, 7-, 5- word bits.
  • Assonance rhyme line 2 to line 4 and again line 5 to line 7.

<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/tantrum/”>Tantrum</a&gt;

Our Poets, a Ghazal Poem

Our poets tickle words; invoke a tale from the writing reed,

Others unprovoked, quiet read the lines of the writing reed.

Fill books and manuscripts invoke the writing reed.

Reed thrives in sunlight and in gloomy places,

Tight or roomy spaces make the writing reed.

Fill books and manuscripts invoke the writing reed.

Where salamanders dream the groom gathers the weeds,

The carver grooms weeds and makes the writing reed.

Fill books and manuscripts invoke the writing reed.

Thieves may steal an idyll of silver made by the writing reed,

Endowed with ink words flow like a vast fount from the writing reed.

Fill books and manuscripts invoke the writing reed.

Listen, lowing breezes of the night, lights to darkness concede,

One, as all, Beloved of God, a scribe, puts down his writing reed.

© Lemuel

29 April, 2018

NaPoWriMo 2018


Ghazal Poetic Form

  • Minimum of five couplets
  • Each line of the poem must be equal (syllables) in length
  • Couplet one introduces the scheme, rhyme, followed by refrain
  • Follow-up couplets pick up the same scheme in the second line only
  • Final couplet includes poet’s signature referencing the poet in first-or third-person or a derivation of the meaning of their name.
  • Rhyme scheme is AA bA cA dA eA, etc.
  • Each couplet ends on the same word or phrase.
  • Themes can be love, melancholy, longing, or metaphysical questions

Cur Doggerel


Cur Doggerel

Some have openly claimed

and will remain unnamed.

To charge a person of our esteemed Salon—

(Oh, sacred Muses be swift, now intervene),

Composes hack poems from midnight till past dawn—

(So quickly sharpen the rusty guillotine).

Brusk poesy hardly so refined, void of grace, a “spewed fit”

Poetry so crude and burlesque, in pain, like being dog bit.

If so-call poems were likened to a stream, no images of burbling brook

Such worthless pratter would be a gutter full of putrid, infested muck.

If it were a dog, then a mutt, a nameless breed

Unrefined rhyme, senseless, no pleasant creed.

Those scribbles could be parsed

As scrawl, pariah, wild, or worse.

If classification were a task to be described,

illuminate mindless jibber, the naughty implied.

Digressions inhabit every line within failed couplets

patter rhythm, base humor, and scores of murky subjects.

However one may slice it–

chop, mince, or finely dice it;

Fair words in all pleasant company, so proper to say

This mash n’er resemble poetry—in no-dog-gone way.

These are barks and howls

All threatening growls

Not poems by any measure, is the just charge

Merely more cur doggerel, writ very large.

© Lemuel

26 April, 2018

Daily prompt: Cur


Ode to Tree Music



Every breeze bends the tree

taunt, releases metric masses.

I listen; I sway harmonic, melody,

the song holds me rapt.


Tree music deep resonate

bass and tenor riffs up the trunk

through tributary branches.

Sway in the wind like a magnificent

string, strong sinew voices.


Sylvan chorus sung in this forest

my ear to its heart in

some deepness rings grow

recording notes for midnight lullaby.


© Lemuel

21 April, 2018

NaPoWriMo 2018


  • Irregular ode focuses mainly on the praise aspect of the poetic form.
  • Has a few of the poetic formalities of the various forms of formal odes.

Daily Prompt

Song, Second-helping