Party Time in Senoia, Georgia, a Rhuput poem



They sat at the bar    they couldn’t go far    the keys were in my pocket.
It was dark in the car    the town was bizarre    the door clicked as they locked it.
While outside was chaos    for which they’re famous     the folks kicked up quite a din.
Some hooted and growled    they shambled and prowled    Dead trying to get back in.
Then the night got “too quiet”    silence after a riot    what gives, is this all you got?
Scores of Walkers poured in     some thick and others way thin   a back door they forgot it.
It all ended….well    the party was swell      same time next year in Senoia
For Walking Dead fun    that makes your heart run      and laugh at your paranoia.


© Lemuel
30 April, 2018
Rhuput Poem
NaPoWriMo 2018
Notes Rhuput Poetic Form
  • Written in lines or stanzas
  • A form of Welsh origin
  • Each line or stanza contains 3 to 5 sections
  • Each section has 4-syllables. Okay, mine had a few more than 4.
  • The final section of each line or stanza rhymes with the final section of the other lines or stanzas. I only rhymed  each line’s three sections and that’s a lot of rhyme.

Love Me, Love Me Not, a Cyrch-a-Chwata Welsh form

ball eight 2



A quest for some sort of sign–

Ordinary or divine;

“We’ll be lovers or benign?”

Shake that black orb one more time:

“Pursue or merely resign?”

The ball gives “No Clue”, ‘tis fine

“Seek answers online we go,”

Eight Ball, gives a “NO”, denied.


© Lemuel

26 April, 2018



  • Ancient Welsh poetic form, “kirch-a-chóo-tah” (two rhyme a chwta).
  • Attributed to Einion Offeiriad (c.1320-c.1349) a Welsh bard and grammarian.
  • Octave stanza , 8-line stanza for this form.
  • 7 syllables per line.
  • The rhyme matrix:

x x x x x x A
x x x x x x A
x x x x x x A
x x x x x x A
x x x x x x A
x x x x x x A
x x x x x x B
x x B x x x A
(B can shift position slightly)


NaPoWriMo 2018



The Night Garden, an Ottava Rima Poem




Before the waking of the day– darkness;

Night creatures roam the same garden I weed.

Tiny prints in soft soil– passed in silence;

Carapace discarded — a growing need.

Taunt tendrils pure woven resilience,

Attested arachnid geometry.

Snail silver streaks streaming longitude lines,

Meander as caravan crossing signs.


© Lemuel

25 April, 2018



Ottava Rima Poem

  • Originally an Italian stanza of eight 11-syllable lines
  • Lord Byron adapted it to a 10-syllable line forDon Juan
  • Eight lines iambic pentameter or 10-syllables per line
  • The ottava can stand alone or can make an un-limited poem


NaPoWriMo 2018


you were once the boy with jet black hair, a Landay



You were once the boy with jet black hair–

my father drove me to school, you waited by the gate.


Patient hope for another not me,

you did not see me, your brown eyes long for one only.


I saw you every day for a week;

that same stance, those eyes, so focused anticipating.


Today I hold your hands as I have for fifty years,

kiss you, fierce sweet love, our last farewell.


I know you will be waiting for me,

you will see me, Love, your brown eyes long for me only.


© Lemuel

23 April, 2018

NaPoWriMo 2018





  • An ancient Pashto poetic form from Afghanistan created mainly by women but anonymously.
  • Composed of self-contained couplets.
  • Couplets contain twenty-two syllables; 9 in the first line, 13 in the second line. I switched one couple around, okay.
  • Themes are love, war, separation, despair or grief, and homeland.
  • No rhyme pattern in English.
  • Often sung in the original language.


Sigh of the Stars Passing, a Mondo poem

What sound does a tree

make rising into the sky

silent the forest straining

Does not the tree hold

within the sound of the dawn

the sighs of stars bright courses

(c) Lemuel

22 April, 2018


Mondo poetic form

  • Two 5-, 7-, 7- syllable stanzas
  • First stanza presents a question
  • Second stanza puts an answer usually from nature or cultural reflection.

NaPoWriMo 2018


Ode to Tree Music



Every breeze bends the tree

taunt, releases metric masses.

I listen; I sway harmonic, melody,

the song holds me rapt.


Tree music deep resonate

bass and tenor riffs up the trunk

through tributary branches.

Sway in the wind like a magnificent

string, strong sinew voices.


Sylvan chorus sung in this forest

my ear to its heart in

some deepness rings grow

recording notes for midnight lullaby.


© Lemuel

21 April, 2018

NaPoWriMo 2018


  • Irregular ode focuses mainly on the praise aspect of the poetic form.
  • Has a few of the poetic formalities of the various forms of formal odes.

Daily Prompt

Song, Second-helping


little garden, a cherita poem




a little garden


tomatoes sprout between the

alley and the depot wall


bounty, lush greens, peas

and yellow beans with

variegated peppers to accompany onions


© Lemuel

20 April 2018


National Poetry Writing Month 2018

NaPoWriMo 2018

# NaPoWriMo2018



Cherita Poetic Form

  • Cherita (pronounced CHAIR-rita) is a linked poetry form of one-, two-, and three-line stanzas.
  • A ‘linked poem’ is written solo or by poets working with partners or small groups, taking turns composing the alternating three-line and two-linestanzas.
  • Cherita is the Malay word for “story” or “tale”.
  • This poetic form has no title. Mine does.
  • The cherita tells a story was created by ai li, a UK poet in 1997 in memory of her grandparents.

The Middle Passage to Freedom




Clean up dishes eight bucks a day

small room no view attic walk up.

chill breezes cold lights dark harbor

this middle passage break away.


Get away run fast as you can.


Maybe Spring no way to predict

that ship, a destiny, will dock,

opportunity, don’t look back,

dust and thirst are not magnetic.


Get away run fast as you can


Keep low, blend in, like the masses

the heart’s object is to get free;

escape genetics,  brutal rules–

new start from anonymity.


Get away run fast as you can


© Lemuel

18 April, 2018



Kyrielle Poetic form

  • Four line stanzas French poetic form.
  • Eight syllables each line.
  • Has a refrain, usually the last line of each stanza. I gave mine a stand-alone refrain I had a line I wanted to keep.
  • Rhyming schemes can be aabb, abab, aaab, abcb fairly flexible


NaPoWriMo 2018


summer time dreamin’, 1968 a Hay(na)ku poem




favorite game

crack the whip.


The next favorite,

red rover




ball wails

duck and zip.


Then Kool-Aid cold

ice floats




NaPoWriMo 2018





Hay(na)ku Poetic Form

  • Hay(na)ku is one of the most recent forms. It was created in 2003 by poet Eileen Tabios.
  • Hay(na)ku poems have 3-lines with one word in the first line, two words in the second, and three in the third. There are no restrictions beyond this. Placing the number of words in each line in reverse works too, sort of like a count-down, 3-2-1.

Thank you Eileen Tabios