Late Year Painting in the Wild


Acrylic on gessoed panel 9 x 12 inches, 23 x 30.5 centimeters


Acrylic painting is usually straight forward en plain air. Take a prepared canvas or panel or two in my kit. Then, make a sketch and keep going until done.

In Autumn the occasional warm day invites a jaunt to the woods and my motivation goes along for the ride.

Most times of the year I am used to setting down that wonderful light on a surface, it is fleeting, the task is capturing that glowing brilliance that makes the world seem to come alive even more. I pre-mix paint anticipating it. I watch the clouds higher and middle for clues of their courses and the winds lower still for what might be revealed or concealed.

I will use a camera, but only for references.

Now, in the late weeks of the year I get ready for the gloom,  those fading lights, any rising mists even. It is winter light is fickler, tricky, and lovely.

In the wild I take what comes.

Motivation remains speechless, but close and warm, like a companionable accomplice.