Compromise on Uncompromising 


My view of uncompromising is framed in practical terms. Etiquette helps diners know how to be acceptable at table.  The Laws of Physics inform me how the universe works, so far. These I wish to be comfortably just as they are.

I might learn new modes of eating behavior when I travel. When I come back to my own digs I will revert to my norm but I remember my table graces are not universal.

I am uncompromising with the simple rules of how to get along with my table mates. I realize a slice of pie hurled in the cafeteria will hit the first immovable object in its path, not always a straight line.

Laws of Physics are universal. I am pleased the norms of gravity are ensconced in all longitudes and latitudes making life more predictable.

Never have I seen a Physicist protest sign, “Up is UP” or “Speed up Inertia”. I have seen polite notices that conveyed, “No cell phones” allowed at dining tables.

If I am uncompromising I chose to tread those cobbles gently. I have kept in mind whilst writing this essay, I am astonishingly prone to mistakes and I have a lot to learn and much more to apply from what I learn.

I could not make those claims if norms were fluid, if everything in life were “up for grabs”, or that I could simply behave as I pleased, or Up is not always UP.

“Astonishingly prone to mistakes.”

“I always learn.”