Foreign to Integral


I search for simple truths.

The first truth is positive, to love others.

Simple truths are the ones that make the foundation of my life.

These ideas are not foreign, not strangers, but integral to me.

The first truth, to love others, keeps the cynic in us from using this list for evil.


Do not kill

Do not cause pain

Do not disable

Do not deprive of freedom

Do not deprive of pleasure

Do not deceive

Keep my promises

Do not cheat

Obey the law

Do my duty

The first truth is to love others.

Every one.





Foreign second helping


Sonnet 0325, Blush

Sonnet 0325

My oath, Declare no lovelier cheek

Blush, in lightened hill or hollow.

Such fair joy amid snow one would meet

In every way Courtesy1 doth follow.


Cloakéd, woolen jerkin, hooded beaute,

Done up to ward2 cold, inflames the soul.

Such grace leaves nary3 dimple of boot

On path, trods through oaken coppiced4 knoll.


Attend, attend the heart would near break;

Oh, to touch the limb that hand now grasps.

Cross dark ice ponds, silent journey make

Does5 leap, homeward unto wilder swathes.


Though the best of fruit are oft so rare,

Taste then; for mere looks seldom compare.






1Courtesy, embodying the attributes of courtesy, a personification of decorum, politeness being an imagined person.

2ward, synonym to guard, to protect, archaic.

3 nary, synonym for ‘not any’ or not, archaic.

4 coppiced, certain trees or shrubs that are pruned in order to make the trunks grow profusely and more straight.

5 Does, the name for females of certain species, a deer for example here.