“What” is making a Haiku


“What” is Making a Haiku


So what if a haiku looks tattered, crusty, a bit jangly. I mean well-worn word play, but well made poem.

When I make a haiku I am scribbling, it is a poem in the present, likely written on available materials, immediate, now, in a process that varies.

I edit all the time. I revise. I do drafts.

I do not imagine how any recipient will like or un-like or ignore my poem, that is not my concern, not being rude.

Writing haiku either achieves the “keeper list” or it does not. My fifty are no way equal to my one good haiku.

What is good? The next one I complete. If not, the one after it.

The poem will be as good as I make it, not only because someone approved it. I intend to do a well made haiku.

Always be composing.

c. Lemuel

05 November 2018

Foreign to Integral


I search for simple truths.

The first truth is positive, to love others.

Simple truths are the ones that make the foundation of my life.

These ideas are not foreign, not strangers, but integral to me.

The first truth, to love others, keeps the cynic in us from using this list for evil.


Do not kill

Do not cause pain

Do not disable

Do not deprive of freedom

Do not deprive of pleasure

Do not deceive

Keep my promises

Do not cheat

Obey the law

Do my duty

The first truth is to love others.

Every one.





Foreign second helping

Foreign, Top Ten Definitions


Top ten entries or definitions of foreign if I were to write a dictionary entry:

1  To wander.

2  A sojourn.

3  A pilgrimage.

4  A voyage of discovery.

5  As a peregrine falcon flying wither she may.

6  Deliberately different. see (Fr) étrange, see (Sp) extranjero, see (Eng) strange.

7  Being unlike the mainstream or cut off from the continent. e.g. John Donne

8  Being a Stranger in a Strange land. e.g. Robert A. Heinlein

9  Not having a seat at the cool-table during dinner.

10 Not a citizen, an alien.