The Middle Passage to Freedom




Clean up dishes eight bucks a day

small room no view attic walk up.

chill breezes cold lights dark harbor

this middle passage break away.


Get away run fast as you can.


Maybe Spring no way to predict

that ship, a destiny, will dock,

opportunity, don’t look back,

dust and thirst are not magnetic.


Get away run fast as you can


Keep low, blend in, like the masses

the heart’s object is to get free;

escape genetics,  brutal rules–

new start from anonymity.


Get away run fast as you can


© Lemuel

18 April, 2018



Kyrielle Poetic form

  • Four line stanzas French poetic form.
  • Eight syllables each line.
  • Has a refrain, usually the last line of each stanza. I gave mine a stand-alone refrain I had a line I wanted to keep.
  • Rhyming schemes can be aabb, abab, aaab, abcb fairly flexible


NaPoWriMo 2018