Fossil Fish Drawing

Fossil, jawed fish,head

Graphite on paper

~6 x 8 in, ~15.12 x 20.16 cm

12 October 2018


Drawing Blanks–How To


Ink & acrylic on stretched acetate

Many times I look at a blank page and have a curious thought: “what’s in there

that I need to find?” Have I trained myself to think that way? Yes and no. I go

that way mainly because I rebelled against blank pages (and walls) so I drew

some shape or made a splotch of color or scribed a word or a sentence. So I kept

the habit as I lived. It’s like giving a horse a little nudge in a wide open field

with no one else present, just a friend, the wind, and wide open spaces.

So what is the “how-to” of this?

Move forward and try.

See how far you can take your day-dream. Better yet see how it can take you.

All it needs is a little nudge.

Seeing the Potential

Not to drop names, I love the dense writing and intense pictures I find in National Geographic, Smithsonian, and Audubon.  I read, stack, and re-read issues for months.

When the stack grows I donate the magazines to libraries and education programs in order to get them into the hands of another person. Then so do a lot of people, to that extent there is a glut and I am sent packing my “donations” back home.

Medieval graphics, bas relief, and acrylic paint

Not deterred I plug into some sweet Jazz for the next act: selecting graphics, then cutting, tearing, most gently excising the pictures from the publications– a grapho-ectomy operation.

It’s a great-circle of graphics re-born from magazines to shoe-boxes to collage to someone’s home, back in the hands of another person.

Potential takes work and going all the way with an idea. Seeing the potential is to transform the ephemeral into ephemera.