Grasp the Situation



On my night stand I have a lamp and a valet for everyday carry items. Everything is neat actually more orderly than my bedroom or more presentable than my studio.

I could need this “stuff” quickly and I would awaken groggy so I keep everything within easy grasp. I have a magnetic flashlight for any “just in case” moment. Fresh spare batteries are included.

On my night stand I made space to keep kindness. I have a spot for gratitude there with the other”stuff”. Patience claims its usual corner. The former wayfaring empathy stretches out languidly right at home on the night stand.

If it were a worst case scenario that awakens me I want to be more completely prepared. I discovered there is room for more “stuff”, “Hello good cheer, welcome home.”

I am not perfect. I grasp my failures and I know every failure has a remedy.