Carrying Notebooks

Field Notes

I use Field Notes for sketches or to scribble a line I want to remember. The thing is the notebooks help me remember.

The notebooks are well-made and thoughtfully designed. They have withstood rain torrents, sawdust, oil, sweat, and dirt in magnificent fashion. Well designed indeed.

The hazard I have discovered that eats them is the washing machine. I suppose I need to keep two notebooks: one for sketches and scribbles, another to remind me to remove the notebooks from my clothing before I throw them into steamy sudsy water for a robo-wash.

Funny thing, Field Notes did fine in “white-water” when I quit the raft. I suppose I didn’t hit enough rocks to do it any damage.

Need to work more on ‘being aware’. Washing machines are dangerous to notebooks.

I need a label.


Stopping Sooner


I sat down at a table with another artist.  The last three seats in the room were at our table all the way “up front”. I was present for an “artists advisory” exercise that was supposed to help me overcome some of my obstacles and they featured Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. Two for one is good in my book.

Our project was to make a fifteen minute sketch. Use a provided reference or not. At the end of the time we were to trade drawings and go into critique mode.

I fill up Field Notes notebooks with drawings. Sometimes I doodle in what is supposed to be my writing journal. It’s automatic I am going to draw.

I imagine typography or logos on handouts and napkins while I wait for my food.

That day I had a bad case of bashful pencil for some reason.

When time was up we traded sketches.

My table neighbor told me I over-rendered my sketch, “Try simpler pencil strokes, looser lines, and reduce the texturing.”

“But I like all of that stuff,” as if I had channeled a seven-year old whiner.

“Just like it a little less.”

So I guess I will.

Morrey Gape Mouth

Eel, graphite on paper