By What Right

Photo: National Geographic

What Gives Humans the Right

Why do we want to go to Mars–

We haven’t proved we’re worthy of Earth

Maybe the plan is to ruin our home so it’s like Mars

Let’s first search for intelligent life here where we all live now

As we know, “There is no Planet B”

I hear regret, fear, and feeble numb helplessness

We need a focus you the pop-culture voices,

We need the will you citizens’ voices,

We need the marching feet to preserve our home.

We are the Change–

Plastic is a consumer problem;

We are guilty as if we feed plastic

To wildlife

And seal them in cellophane.


Slow down.

“We have too many people;

Wanting too much;

Way too fast.”

Be the Change.

c. Lemuel

03 June 2018

Follow the Swallow

Bird Swallow 2

I keep lawns. I’m a caretaker of the land. I use zero pesticides and no fertilizers. So, by default I help our native waterways and the air to boot. Let me introduce my friend and co-worker, the Swallow, who deserves most of the credit.

In these bespoke green zones myriad Swallows flex their superpower for finding bugs on-the-wing. Their clout is multiplied by hundreds of times. Swallows help keep the grass green by munching on bugs.

In a large gathering, Swallows are known as a flight or a gulp.  Both nouns seem fitting since Swallows are superb aerialists and they like nothing better than to gobble their lunches.

My arrangement with the swallows is not perfect; some bugs do their harm and then they leave their eggs to develop for future.

I know the swallows will be there.

If I am lucky, so will I.