Foreign, re-cast



“What are you coding?”

“A character trait.”

“What is it?”


“Never heard of it.”

“Yeah, it’s foreign now but it’ll catch on.”

“How’s it work?”

“It cuts down on SNAFU’s.”

“You’ll be rich!”




Foreign, melted down and recast


Frantic, second-helping



“Impact in 32 seconds,” ship’s voice simulation, calm as a daisy.

The ship would not respond to any command.

“Impact in 29 seconds.”

Some prayed. Some stared at their consoles, dumbfounded.

Jones wasn’t frantic, she engaged all thrusters again, and dampers to zero, drag to maximum.

“It’s working Jones!”

“Yeah, with 12 seconds to spare,” calm as a daisy.

Voice simulation played “Heart-beat” clip, twice.

The ship skidded against the atmosphere, bounced back into space.

“That’s going to leave a skid-mark, Jones.”

“Adds a little character to the ship, don’t you think.”




Frantic, second-helping


Just Desserts

Brown Bags 2

“Are you making your lunches for the week?”

“Just the ones for Larry to steal out of the fridge at the office.”

“Why don’t you confront Larry? It’s not right to steal.”

“It’s okay. I take two lunches.”

“But he’s stealing your food.”

“Well it could be worse. He could offer to trade his lunches for mine.”


“Larry brings terrible lunches packed in neat little boxes.  Think Kindergarten.”

“So he steals lunches from colleagues?”

“Pigeons won’t eat that stuff Larry brings for lunch. And the first three letters in “pigeon” are P-I-G.”

“He’s that afraid of ….”

“Absolutely terrified.”

“Be a lamb, take extra chocolate biscuits.”