Cake, a Tetractys Poem



I ate the

last piece of cake–

it was moist chocolate on chocolate.

(c) Lemuel

29 May 2018

Notes Tetractys Poetic Form

  • 5 lines
  • L1 = 1-syllable, then add one additional to each line. L4 = 4-syllables. L5 has 10-syllables. Twenty syllables in the poem.
  • Tetractys poems support one complete thought.
  • Witty or wise subjects abound.

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Worship, An Abstract Poem



Murmur titanic gravitation tidal blood.

Arc cosmos, hues rave, slip time mark.

Infinity cast to drift ablaze.

Pendulum technicalities epiphany,

enlightened darkness:

mute solstice sentinel, ferocious waves erupt.

Colliding, becoming, hollow streaming,

collapsing echo, transcend crescendo–

destroying renewed exultation.

Mixing dynamic pedigree prostrate fall

ancient chant code delving

universe in awe releasing,






© Lemuel

14 April, 2018



Abstract poetic form

The term was created by Dame Edith Sitwell and used to great effect by David Bowie. Poetry relating or emphasising the sound of the combined words, conveying tone, appealing to feeling, non-concrete while harnessing and projecting the power of the constructed words as assembled. Well, that’s my take is all I’m saying.

NaPoWriMo 2018