Archaic, Daily Prompt, Second-helping

Archaic, Daily Prompt, Second-helping


Shuttered, the daily prompts, good-bye daily posts

Close the cover on photo challenges

Drain the pool, dissolve First Fridays

Chop! They’re every one gone sort of archaic

I hope the new stuff is cool and not chaotic.


Remember 2,000 Daily Prompts

Delve 380 Photo Challenges

So many laps in 260 Community Pools

Celebrate 100 First Fridays


These were all created by nimble cunning minds

So I hope for more like these just any old time.

I’ll only say:

À bientôt !  Nos vemos!  Tschüss!


Cheers!  Ciao! Bis später!


Not good-bye, but see you all later!



© Lemuel

31 May 2018

Daily Prompt, Second-helping


Farewell, But I’m Staying, Daily Prompt Retrospective

Farewell, But I’m Staying, Daily Prompt Retrospective


To ponder perhaps to muse retrospective

On being part of the WordPress collective;

I think it was the great crew at WordPress central

And all of the cool folks out there in the aether;

Somehow made my poor bumbling endeavours

Something to achieve serious or cleaver.

So, I wish you all well and time will tell

If our paths cross again and we begin

Some new chapter, a photo, a quick verse

It’s been real fun working here on WordPress.

Thank you seems so small for what you have done

I’d like to shake your hand or hug you each one

Let me suffice to type without any tears or hype

I have faith somehow something will replace

What you have grown (more than a site) like a home

Farewell to all those familiar WordPress features

I’m staying and striving to make you proud teachers.

© Lemuel

31 May 2018


Cake, a Tetractys Poem



I ate the

last piece of cake–

it was moist chocolate on chocolate.

(c) Lemuel

29 May 2018

Notes Tetractys Poetic Form

  • 5 lines
  • L1 = 1-syllable, then add one additional to each line. L4 = 4-syllables. L5 has 10-syllables. Twenty syllables in the poem.
  • Tetractys poems support one complete thought.
  • Witty or wise subjects abound.

<a href=””>Guilty</a&gt;

Flytrap Famous

Flytrap Famous


The Venus Flytrap is so famous,

Conspicuously carnivorous;

A surprise sprung for the unwary

In the pink jaws traps trip quite hairy–

So when the gates shut

The bug’s gobbled up.

It’s not such a horror or loving tippity twitchet

It eats what it catches or what comes to visit.

It makes tiny black seeds after white flowers

From all the spiders and flies it devours.

The sensitive plant snares what it needs

And counts one, two, three, four time to eat.

Now meat-loving plants are some weird turn of events

That surely would make a wide-eyed herbivore wince.

© Lemuel 27 May 2018

Daily Prompt