Fables & Tales, Fox Amongst Hares


Fables tell us about who we are and how we came to be. They give us a shared basis we can use to know more about the world. In many cases Fables tell us about the world yet to come, the passage of time, and our generations as a people.

Tricksters and jokers have been our teachers for many generations.

This painting is a design for a small engagement and it will be a stage set for telling Trickster Tales.

The painted set will be on fabric with suitable lighting from behind the painting.

I want to invoke a night telling around a fire as may have happened when the original artist made their marks.



Haunted Places, Part 3

[The last bit of “Haunted Places”]

Part 3

I’ve written in another place, “Don’t you just love the sound of children playing in the hall. But then. You stop. And realize. You live alone.”

I have experienced noises in other parts of the house when Bonnie, a terrier, is sitting beside me and we’re alone. A chair scoots across hardwood floor. It makes that sound.  In a fairly modern home doors sometimes swing shut, but a closed door swings open makes me look up to see who has come home only no one is there.

Bonnie watches movement in her attentive protective behavior, low throaty growl as she lifts her head from the braided rug then she looks at me in what amounts to a flash of self-conscious awareness (yes dogs are sentient beings) that borders on embarrassment. She lowers her head and continues napping.

Living with unpredictable entrances, a bit of hovering, and then a poof-they-are-gone departure has been so much the norm I feel as if I’ve missed something in long periods of inactivity and long for foot-falls, creaking doors, hovering entities, or mildly annoying pranks. It’s as if the departed ones are demonstrating they still have a presence with the living, but more likely they’re saying, “We see you.”

As I started describing my creative, funny Aunt who was forever the center of attention at séances and “after-hours” parties I will end with her. She made a rather “dress for dinner” and sometime dour group livelier. She is sadly missed but powerfully alive in my memory and especially in that little cranial crevice– a powerhouse in my mind, known as my imagination. So when I want to be like her I go into that wardrobe of my imagination and enter laughing as Auntie would have, well in my own clothes.

Perhaps it is so, if one can be “forever the center of attention”, I hope when I visit living family members in future they’ll be receptive and delay dialing Ghost Busters or perhaps give me the guest bedroom, the small one, with the pretty view of the graveyard.

[I’ve categorized this section to include “Backgrounds”. I am not sure what that means at present or if I will use the classification again but I “felt” it to be a proper heading. So I went with it. Your suggestions for a more fitting “Category” will be most appreciated.]

Haunted Places, Part 2


[The second bit of “Haunted Places”]

I feel as if living in haunted places is a gift if not a type of developed sense. I wondered if others had such experiences. They had but their experience seemed scripted and directed not exactly the same as mine, but their phenomena need not be the same as mine.

In my occurrences sometimes these visitors spoke other times they just made an entrance and exited without much flourish. One ‘event’ represents a typical ‘visitation’ report that has much more context provided by the living members of the family.

Once, at a historical moment, the recent birth of a baby, the late Grandfather, deceased for over ten-years, made a visit to two Great Aunts at their two homes and announced the baby’s birth and was noted to be smiling.  Both Aunts recounted similarities of clothing, a fedora, and of course the message was almost verbatim. Sometime later the same day a belt buckle with the Grandfather’s initials on it was discovered at a third Aunt’s home in an obvious place that was dusted and cleaned every week.