Follow the Swallow

Bird Swallow 2

I keep lawns. I’m a caretaker of the land. I use zero pesticides and no fertilizers. So, by default I help our native waterways and the air to boot. Let me introduce my friend and co-worker, the Swallow, who deserves most of the credit.

In these bespoke green zones myriad Swallows flex their superpower for finding bugs on-the-wing. Their clout is multiplied by hundreds of times. Swallows help keep the grass green by munching on bugs.

In a large gathering, Swallows are known as a flight or a gulp.  Both nouns seem fitting since Swallows are superb aerialists and they like nothing better than to gobble their lunches.

My arrangement with the swallows is not perfect; some bugs do their harm and then they leave their eggs to develop for future.

I know the swallows will be there.

If I am lucky, so will I.