Working Active Projects When the Goal Seems Far Away

I enjoy working active projects with real expectations and having time constraints. I am ready for the process of making something.  This is part of my life. 

An opposite situation exists too. I get no pleasure being without an idea to guide my work. Dry periods I call them. In the same way, three ideas going nowhere is worse than zero concepts.

I have a habit of productive enterprises. Those are jobs with some a clear beginning, a recognisable middle,  and an end.  

We all know how goals can get derailed.

I work my problems out in 3-D, like on paper or in the required medium. These act as experiments.  It’s hands-on problem solving. Usually that technique works. 

When more effort is needed I go to an alternative action, still positive, just a little change-up.

So, I choose some options to accomplish my goal. For instance take a short break (re-group), or do something fresh (finger-paint) , or use a new / different approach (Sharpies (™) haiku on big cardboard sheets). As such it’s improvising, exploring, and testing some boundaries — innovation through baby-steps.

I can get to my goal, but I must work for it. I like when things seem to fall into place. I don’t fall apart when they don’t.

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