How to Write

I know people and more than anything they want to be a writer.  They’ve logged lots of hours in workshops that offer them so many routes to write their prose or poetry so they may create correctly.  Some have files chocked with certificates of attendance. Few of those folk write unless what they make is correct.  I can’t do that. I use several grammar guides  for reminders when I goof. 

A published author can’t tell anyone how to make money and enjoy the life of the “writer”.  Who could deliver on that sales tag?

They can say with some certainty  how they write and offers this:  they are not liable for anyone’s failures. Most coaching authors go to “this is what I do”  strategy when addressing the subject of how-to’s of writing. “Your efforts are your own, no warranty implied.”

Writing is like fishing. I have to show up and cast the first line.

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