Frankenskein Family Portraits, a Series

This series is bound together with the ‘practice’ of Art which is up my gallows, I mean easels. Part of keeping Art projects going well is, it seems, I have been [advised] directed to get to doing serial drawings on a theme to the point of “being committed” to the series. Must be done.

Each drawing is 9 x 12 in or 23 x 30.5 cm on paper from a sketch pad I had in a drawer. Nothing unusual on my choice of graphite; a Ticondaroga (yellow pencil HB) and a company “promo” pencil, most likely a B, both lurking in their drawers.

I made a Frankenskein family series of drawings for Halloween reminiscences. Old pictures are great at re-unions. The light touch and the family name might lead to some story writing in future.

So I should be committed. Enough. It was a fun project.

Gar (Edgar) Frankenskein
Luth (Luther) Frankenskein
Thia (Cynthia) Frankenskein
Dio (Diodorus) Frankenstein

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