A Short Analysis Of Art Making

Artists and Art

I am able to respond to Art Making in several ways.

I am the “who”, as well as a single “how” and the only “why” I care about related to or concerned of my Art. Pretty much the same for Artists from the dawn of humans till you read this essay.

I am the actuator, the actor that makes the material world.

Art for its own sake. 

Purpose: to contribute to the long pedigree of human created Art, for the humans of Art—Artists, no audience in mind, mine, well it’s always and only “for the ages”, beyond mere decoration, maybe trophy-like.

Focused Art that others relate to, as in popular culture. 

Purposes: fun, formal and informal consumption, revenue.

Personal Art, for my use.

Purposes: for fun of creating, informal consumption.

Commissions, sometimes for promises, occasionally for hire. 

Purposes:  to generate revenue, for fun, formal consumption.

Surprised Artist, when someone offers to pay money for any of the above.  

I am the maker.

I am the conceiver, builder of themes, motifs and the like to make the material in dimensions.

Employ tools and techniques using some media or materials or means of manipulating matter for expressive, demonstrable, presentational aims of the  translating a conceptual or imagined into dimensional real space-time or through invented devices (computer monitor, film screen) or contrived settings (gardens).

I am the director.

I am the editor, auditor, decision-maker pursuing a goal.

Art is energetic. The formative drive (working in progress toward a final goal) and summative drive (completed project) where the Artist is the  initiator of various  types, renditions, versions, iterations, variations within a system of Art (watercolor) and through a medium of visual communication (painting, graffiti, prototype construction). Then hang the finished work, staple it to a board, show it local it on social media, show it in public places, and set the Art free.

Collect some funds to do it all over again.

Artist as an aficionado or as an analyst or as a critic or as an apologist— some sort of offering insight to focus on,  improved understanding, enhanced experience, or other qualitative investigational activities.

This is partially the “why” of Art.

I am the final guide.

So, the Artist is maker, director, and final guide of their Art.

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