Keeping a Mess from Happening

Keeping a Mess from Happening

Sorting Hat? In the shop?

Nope, but a sort of way to channel detritus, flotsam, and jetsam toward rightful places.

This is my simple way to drop off things from a project that need put back in their place, my “lazy box”.

The idea is to place items or “sorts”, mostly likes with likes in one designated zone.

That goal will see mates to socks with socks, and sockets with sockets all ready to be returned to the tool box or drawer.

Put up remains in the first place but this is the “lazy box” it is finite and in one spot. It is a crutch for me but good shop-floor and visual control.

I have put in the lazy box a few smaller clear containers, zippy bags, and twist ties to make an organized container for containers for “left-overs” processing.

So now a forgetful cleaner and nonneat freak can get a break and avoid being a complete slob and look good for organizing and planning.

All Winners!


06 April 2019

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