Art Me, What I Find in Opportunity

Art Me, What I Find in Opportunity

Art is the practice of taking those opportunities I get, make the most of them.

I hover over a canvas or sheet of paper like a fledgling bird.

When I launch I sometimes hit a good flap or a few and I fly, and I have flopped too.

Flap to fly, flop to cry–neither is fatal or final.

I have artistic intention, use a design, choose colors, and all the rest but the finished “work” is my own personal discovery, it’s not accountant-like accurate.

Trick is to finish what was started, to avoid too much self-criticism.

Most times my choice for what should go in the bin becomes several someone’s favorite piece.

So out the window with my Art intentions, skill, training, lucky outcomes, and long hours of labor. Nope.

Art, not sales, comes down to personal taste, maker and Art purchaser and a mighty lot of being available to people.

Making opportunity, now there’s Art in it.

Sunshine on you,


21 March 2019

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