Voracious Readers-Get more, Be Better, No Sweat

“How to be a more voracious reader” is a lead line on a news site.

The aim is to use voracious reading to become more successful.

I reckon meaning richer in the bank.

Life-coaching, life-hacking, “you’re not doing it right”, send me the same message, you are a mouth-breather but we made “you look”.

Look away. We’re all okay, there is nothing to see here.

Get some reading material. Read it. Try a different genre. Read many forms of writing.

Get a newspaper habit. Buy or borrow a book. Start a reading group. Teach someone how to read.

You’ll do fine. Keep reading. Maybe you’ll be voracious, if that is even a measurable thing.

Out smart the people who think they can play you.

Read on, you beautiful lovers of reading,

c. Lemuel

27 February 2019

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