Art Me, The Back Room

Art Me, The Back Room

As one of many at an Art show opening reception it’s my relief.

Someone else has to “sweat it” or delegate the drying towel somehow.

For some reason I think about armature construction. It might make a short tutorial. Easy. I think as people whip dangerously close to a ceramic.

My life has been made simpler and more productive by fixtures, jigs, and armatures working together.

Beautiful* work with help from mostly ordinary and often “scrap” materials.


Armature fixture preparation is a back room activity. Sometimes it’s a dedicated task for the entire work-span or a quickie just before clean-up for the day.

In the dust-free gallery, with brighter lighting, and gathered with Artists and the public I am grateful for armatures and all their super-powers.

Fun Art,

c. Lemuel

06 February 2019

*to me

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