Art Me, Materials


Art Me, Materials


I am surrounded by Art materials.

Art comes second.

Design comes second.

Imagination, inspiration, and the “Muse-action” thing comes second.

The Artist comes somewhere further down the line.

For me the materials come first when I’m making things.

For an example: I shall make a fish.

Do I want to make a fish? Sure.

What sort of fish?

I get what I call a bin of organized junk for making assemblages.

So then I tinker, putting stuff together for a trial run, a look-see.

That looks like a fish.

It’s a clip used to close food wrappers. Look, I have seven of them. A school of fish.

Still it’s got that fish look to it.

Here’s a fin. Then I’m off to the races.

I process the fish with tools on-hand use collected materials to create a fish. And then there six fish. Less junk more Art.

The subject fish could have been painted in oils, scratched out in charcoal, or knotted with embroidery floss.

Art, limited only by time and by space and my energy. Material is everywhere.

Happy Art,


c. 23 January 2019

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