Art Me, Sell from Stock


Art Me, Sell from Stock


Doing anything that costs my time should be done at a good level as in:

a.) a design that is appealing to the senses—pick one

b. ) it has some (sane) plan of completion—a deadline

c. ) mainly I have materials, tools, and space ready for use

Okay so far.

Here’s what happens:

A. The work goes in a slightly skewed direction, still appealing, so-called “design-on-the-fly”

B. I’m done —deadline is two days away


I’ve got to be done—deadline is two hours away

C. I’m out of titanium white? Yep, all other normal shades of white are out too. What have I got on-hand that’s “not normal”?


Joyous adaptations,


c. 18 January 2019

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