Art Me, the Finished, the Good, and the Still Seeking


Art Me, the Finished, the Good, and the Still Seeking


In a plain direct I say, “Never give up.” Keep clearly in my mind, it is necessary to change course to gain an advantage or to avoid the dire mistake of completing Art that is ‘wonky’.

So it may look like ‘giving up’, even feel like “I’ve quit.” I call that “still seeking” Art because that is the process.

The idea is always to finish a work, to meet or best my deadline, to give my highest effort.

I know, production only to make something hurts my heart and dulls my creative impulse. Sometimes finished is better than ‘perfect’.

I can walk away for a short time, a few minutes or after lunch. Bring a sketch pad back and set to work re-directing the project. I keep trying, still seeking.

Be gentle. We all have those days of few successes, and we many have hatched an ugly duckling or several.

My work area is not large enough to furnish repose for ‘un-finished’ master-pieces and my usual work of requirements, promises, and personal vital interest.

Sometimes small is a lucky situation. Sometimes it’s okay to start over as the better choice. Sometimes I finish a piece and it’s out the door because of the expectation of others.

Sometimes what I make just stinks. I’m still closing in to finish everything I start.

But, I’m not a 3-D printer.

Happy Art,


c. 09 January 2019

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