Simple Balance

Simple Balance

As a child I was fascinated with bicycles. I wanted to ride one, right Now. But I had to learn with Training wheels accompanied by plain salve and a sticky bandage.

Someone started teaching me years ago about balance but—somehow—I got side-tracked.

Three observations first, then I offer three ideas for remedy.

Since I see the near worship of Competitiveness, Winning-at-any-cost,

With Affiliation-allegiance, being a fan, as polarised dogma, “You’re either for me or against me,”

And Orthodoxy the only way to take a breath of air,

Then, I say,

Co-operation is a good alternative to conquest if modeled and shown to be an expectation,

Learn How to Compromise or haggle as a mode of human conduct,

A most efficient way to do deals,

And Seek to make friends of most folks,

And exclude few, but only the toxic.

Then, I recognise three steps toward Balancing myself acknowledging everyone a Place in this shared, present, singular, world—

Not rulers and the ruled but Equal Fellow Citizens.

In the end, I may know the intricate physics of machines, likewise the principles of inertia, thrust, and friction, yet if I do not have balance I shall never ride a bicycle.

c. Lemuel

03 December 2019

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