Do It Before They Do, 1


Do It Before They Do, 1


To begin.

I share things with others. Big, small, in-between, I mean the things, not the people.

Some individuals do not choose to do “sharing” or “handing over free stuff, no strings.” So, fine.

I hear, “You should stop sharing.”

It is my choice to share. So, fine.

“It’s a habit is all. They use you.“

I think of sharing as a life of promise in action. Maybe a little bit a “habit”, but I inhabit giving.

Sometimes Sharing, Giving, and their cousin Inclusion are rejected. So, fine.

I think: From the grape to wine,

From the seed to bread.

Both wine and bread started somewhere and passed through several lives.

How else a blessing?

Even among us? Start at some time, at some place, and pass through some lives.

“Blessing” is among us By Doing.

I have heard, “Love is all you need.”

Some chocolate and some coffee are nice?

c. Lemuel

24 December 2018

Why this topic

The idea of this title concept has in it something akin to “treat people as I would accept being treated.”

Even if only a one-way street so be it. If only me, that is fine, be unilateral and pre-emptive.

I am only one person.

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