Art Me, “Am I an Artist?”

Art Me, “Am I an Artist?

I encounter the question in social media and at social events, URL and IRL, “in real life” and the summary of that question is, “Am I an Artist?”

Here’s my short list of indicators for “probably, you might be / are an Artist.”

Probably You Are an Artist

Use materials.

Make stuff.

The effort of making stuff is cool, okay, or great— it depends.

Ideas come and go and some of them are made.

While the mind is great for certain tasks the spirit informs Art as well, perhaps the most.

Last, you know why it is difficult to intellectualize about Art, not impossible, but so messy, not so simple, also, knowing a little more “why you have to make stuff”.

This is short on purpose.

The rest is up to you, out of my respect for you.



19 December 2018

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