Walk on Poet, Poem Loitering


Walk on Poet, Poem Loitering



When a poem is fixed on paper or somehow wound around in a digital file I think, “Well, it’s finished. Maybe I should text it around to my usual suspects.”

They suspect I refer to them that way. I find this crowd’s kindness a comfort and their shark-bite critical insights refreshingly awakening.

So I often wait to text a poem. Longer still to post one online. I loiter with a poem or let it develop a little like a good soup gets better in round two.

Truth is, the poem will get the post-writing treatment. I re-write, tweak, prune, over-haul, blend, or re-craft my work.

Usually this is for the better. I am pleased to process a poem this way. It took the necessary time to write it, no fudging. Times two or three to shuffle it around into its final form as stated above.

And that’s a bona fide final form. Almost ninety-plus percent of the time I smile and feel vindicated for giving a poem a going-over.

Smiles and the hands-on tick of time go into all my stuff. I have to like a poem for it to stick around.

I can’t efficiently produce great poetry, but I can craft something of a decent poem and always make it better with extra work. It’s still going to be just pretty good. But you can tell I had a good time making it real.

Happy writing,


17 December 2018

2 thoughts on “Walk on Poet, Poem Loitering

  1. I think the phrase “poem loitering” is great 🙂
    I had an English teacher in high school who used to say: A poem is never finished.
    I always have his voice in the back of my mind when writing poetry and I’d like to think it has served me well.
    I hope you keep crafting your poetry at your pace, as everyone should do.

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